Kronis is the largest country in terms of land area in Gazamar. Most of the country however resides in The Gale which is uninhabitable. The majority of the population live in the sliver that resides in The Verdeth.

Leader: Kilandra Kilfell

Social Dynamic: The two main races in Kronis are Humans and Dwarves. The area that Kronis resides in use to be completely controlled by the Dwarves, but humans refugees fled here thousands of years ago during The Bitter War. The refugees were oppressed for a hundred years before they started to rebel. It took a long time but eventually a compromise was derived. Humans would gain a kingdom in the east, The Dwarves would keep their kingdom in the west, but both would have a part in ruling the country. The glue that has kept Kronis together is the belief in loyalty,

Economy: In Kronis society, Humans tend to mine the ore, and coal. Dwarves specialize in creating weapons and tools. Coal and Weapons are the biggest exports from Kronis, and it’s this cooperation which keeps the country strong.

Military: Each family is given a large sack of coal each month to warm their houses or hut free of charge. The only restraint is that each citizen is required to take up arms for the country in time of need. If a family member cannot the family is refused their right to coal which in most cases is a death sentence.

Law: Law differs depending upon where you are in Kronis. Cities are run by the nobility and it is the ruling families decree that becomes law. Villages are left to their own devices, which usually results in mob rule. In either system a dispute can be resolved by a duel.

Major Cities


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