Caught in the Tides of War

The Portal

" Retched fools! I hoped the runes we inscribed would take care of these little inconveniences. These show far more will. We managed to open a portal this day but the size is far two small. In joyous chaos goblins are attracted to it. We watched as the ranger fell and I tried hard not to let out a cheer. Unfortunately that pesky druid was able to revive him. We were lucky the barbarian was tending to the cleric, otherwise our green friends would have fared far worse. The sailor looks like he got his land legs, killing many goblins with ease.

Also, it appears they have recovered both the sorcerer’s journal, and our bible. This could prove unfavorable. I will have to let the High Devote know, this group could pose a serious threat to our cause… "

~ Sylva, Kharn Devotee ~

The Meeting

" A party of adventurer’s were gathered in Watch City. A strange group I must say. Never before have I seen so many Elven folk in Pantellus. It seems that only greed sways their morals.

The party traveled to the charred city of Stonedale. The cruelty of death showed itself in the corpses of the Thomas family. Burned alive as they huddled together. Soon turmoil would show that hardship brings people closer. A group of small goblinoids attacked. The party quickly dispatched them and showed they are quite capable, especially the Barbarian. Perhaps there is hope for Gazamar but I am not yet convinced. "

~ The Light One ~

Darkness Falls

“As time comes for the sun to rise, so will it come for it to set. The sun of Gazamar has been lit for far too long. It is time for it to shut its sleepy eyes. Long I have waited. Shut in the space between a blink and a tear. No longer shall I be caged. The winds shall churn like broken souls. The clouds of recklessness will collide, and the blood of fools shall rain.”

When the adventure begins feel free to use this as your Character’s personal journal. Record what happened in a session. Share your character’s thoughts. Let it all out on this page!


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