Caught in the Tides of War

A tale of 2 stones

" The sun seems to shine brighter, even when cast out by the fog of war. Tensions are at an all time high between Pantellus and Kronis. I’m hoping the party, My Chosen Few, can handle the burden they’ve been given. They are by no means the set of hero’s told of in days of old but they seem to be getting results all the same.

My Chosen Few traveled to the town of Borderdale where the heinous acts of the Cult of Kharn were revealed. I was pleased to see that Lilith was not swayed by the handkerchief she found. So many in Pantellus are dead set on blaming Kronis for these acts, its good to see some clear thinking. Mathayen found another mark of Kharn on a body. He and Lilith came to the conclusion Kharn is trying to frame Kronis. After ending their investigation, they made an alliance with Barron Gabriel, a detective of the Guild of Law, and returned to The Kinder Mansion.

They arrived at the Kinder Mansion late. After some careful negotiations, My Chosen Few managed to be granted sleep in the Mansion. The next morning they are given access to the Kinder Mansion Library where they start their investigation. Soon they discover the history of The Bitter Wars. A long forgotten war where Kharn was trapped away in the Vale of Mordum. They also find the names of two items the Kult is looking for. One is the Stone of Baelemar, the other is the Light of Desna. The Book of Kharn states that with these items the Kult can lower the mountains surrounding the Vale of Mordum. They were going to report their findings to Gars but he was not home when they finished their studies, so they decided to explore Clockwork City.

Mathayen sold 2 of the daggers they found in Edward Glenshire’s cabin and used the money he earned to buy Demotron a Masterwork Greatsword. Then the two decided to go to a local bar to celebrate. When they arrived they found Lilith sitting at one of the tables. Lilith decided to try a bar trick to win a round of drinks. She managed to make the wine in the bottle reappear in a cup across the bar (to one lucky drunks surprise). For her trick she won a round of drink. Demotron decided to forgo the mild and asked for a half keg of Dwarven Ale. He poured himself and Mathayen a mug (Lilith passed). Demotron decided to guzzle his and as he admired his empty mug, he fell over and passed out on the floor. Mathayen sipped his and instantly became drunk. The bartender threw the crew outside. Lilith and Mathayen traveled back to the mansion to wait for Gars to return.

Knot hearing that Demotron was passed out at the bar decided to go fetch him and bring him back. Finding the Dwarven Ale he decided to have a sip. It overwhelmed him and he passed out on top of Demotron. After a while Gars Kinder sent some servants to bring the duo back to the mansion. The next morning they departed on a train heading north. There next destination was a city in Baelemar. "

~ The Light One ~



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